About Me


I feel that humor, warmth and honesty are important assets to therapy. The environment will always be casual, accepting and non-judgmental. You are the most important person in the room (or on the phone ;-) . This is your life and your therapy. I can help you find your own path and get what you need from our time together, whether exploring the foibles of adult living or the challenges and pleasures of aging.


I feel empathy for every being with that spark of life in them: humans, animals and plants. I belong to many animal welfare organizations. My life focus and meaning is in meditation and my spiritual path (though I would never promote my beliefs to you). Normally I try to not get too overwrought about politics, but boy have these last couple years been an insurmountable challenge! At least I haven't gotten into any fisticuffs yet!


I am comfortable with all ages (Yay seniors!), sexual orientations (including trans~ I have a lovely male to female woman as a roommate), races (of course), and religious/spiritual perspectives. I am comfortable with pretty much anybody! (I reserve the right to not see haters or people that hurt things unless we can work on it.)



I received a Master's Degree in Counseling from Pacific University in 2014. I also received a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology from Marylhurst University in 2015. I also have extensive study and expertise in the (fluid) steps to forgiving, either someone else or yourself.