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Senior Concerns

Anxiety & Depression


Loss of Physical Abilities

Loss of Independence

Life Review/Spirituality

Caregivers & Families

Loss & Grief

Anger, Resentment & Guilt

Personal Growth


“I am 78 years old, and recently have found myself thinking about my life, what kind of life I have lived… and what my life will be in the future. I have been thinking about what will happen to “me” when I die. I began seeing Susan in order to talk about these things and try to get some understanding and peace of mind. She has been so comfortable to talk to about my personal life, and the things that have happened to me. She has suggested some activities, like recording my life story for my family and exploring my spiritual beliefs, that have helped me to not only feel kind of good about what my life has been like, what I have learned and all the crazy things I have done, but also helped me understand better what is ahead and feel pretty good about it. And we have had fun doing it!”