Letting Go of Anger &

the Magic of Forgiving

The Pathway to a Happy, Healthy Heart

anger and forgiveness.jpg

I also have a focus in anger management and forgiveness skills. Anger is becoming more and more of a problem in our society. Societal peace and harmony begins with you and me. It is in learning how to communicate on an individual basis with those around you in a manner that is effective, and helps the person you are talking to want to work with you, rather against you. Relationships can improve in wonderful ways, and you become more effective and respected when working with others rather than against them.

Anger is inevitable. If it is bottled up, eventually you will explode. If it is directed at others as a weapon this is violence, whether it is physical or on an emotional level. One can learn to express angry, negative feelings in a way that another can more easily understand and accept in a constructive way, leading to happier, more productive relationships both in and out of the office.

Releasing the burden of anger and resentment that can impair our physical health as well as our mental health is not well recognized yet in our society, but is vital for any kind of joyful, happy, healthy life. I help clients understand that their forgiveness is not absolving the wrongdoer of blame. It is not saying that what they did was or is alright. Forgiveness is entirely about letting go of your grasp on your anger, sitting it down off your shoulder, whether you have been carrying that burden two months, two years or two decades. It’s about not letting that person hurt you any more. Just like bereavement, it is a fluid process, but a process that one can work through.

I would like to help you release the burden of anger and resentment we all struggle under by learning forgiveness skills, so that you can feel more free, peaceful and healthy.