Loss and Grief... for People or Pets


In connection with my training in gerontology I have also pursued training in helping others cope with loss and bereavement. Grief is not an exact science, but is usually experienced as a personal series of stages that can be fluid, with no exact beginning or end to each stage. Sometimes a certain experience or process is repeated. It all unfolds in a personal way that is the best way for you. It helps to have someone knowledgeable and experienced to support you through and remind you at times of the light at the other end of the tunnel.

I might also add that I have great interest in helping people through losses of all kinds, be it a job, a marriage, a friend… The death or other loss of a pet can be like double jeopardy because that pet was part of your family and someone that you loved so much. But many friends can't understand why you aren't over it yet, it was just an animal. They have no idea what kind of deep relationship you had with that member of your family. They have no idea of the sense of loss, loneliness, pain, and sometimes misplaced guilt, that you are experiencing. You need someone that knows how deep the love of and for an animal of another species can be.